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AUSTIN, TX. – There’s no denying that if you have to regularly commute between Austin and other cities in the Lone Star State like Dallas, San Antonio, Waco and Houston that drive can easily grow old really quick.

Thankfully there’s a new service in “Uber-like” bus service in Texas called Shofur that will be your best alternative for commuting between cities and it’s probably the closest thing that you will get to having an airline experience while on the ground because you will be able to do things like select your seat in advance and also enjoy similar amenities including: Wi-Fi, reclining seats and power outlets.

12 Daily Routes in Texas

With Sofur you can eliminate having to fight the traffic on your commute and turn that wasted time in your car or commuter bus into productive time while you get ready for your next meeting and thanks to the Sofur mobile app you will be notified automatically if the bus is going to be late so you won’t miss your meeting or be late to your destination.

Similar To Uber

Besides having a cool name and convenient mobile app Shofur is also similar to Uber because they don’t actually own their busses, they use charter services which operate under Shofur’s name and like Uber they ask people who ride on a Shofur bus to rate the driver and their experience with the mobile app.

About Shofur

Launched by Armir Harris, Shofur is obviously a play on the word “chauffer” and it fills a badly needed gap in the transportation industry because many people don’t like riding on buses and Harris hopes to eliminate that stigma with the high class bus service that Shofur has to offer.

This bus service also is perfect fit for Texas because, our cities are more spread out than others across the United States and as Harris said in a recent interview they are “a little too far to drive and too close to fly”.

How Much Does Shofur Cost?

Depending on where you need to travel in Texas it can cost up to $50 for a one way Sofur ticket because like with air travel you’re going to save more money if you book a ticket with them in advance.

Price breakdown:

Austin to San Antonio - $9

Waco to Dallas - $11

Houston to Austin - $19

San Antonio to Dallas - $33

Like Amtrack and other bus lines Shofur doesn’t pick up everyone, only at central locations and here in Austin their pick up address is 35 Brazos Street.

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