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By the Kent Redding Group

AUSTIN, TX. – There’s no doubt that when both Uber and Lyft left town last year there was a significant “void” left in the ride-hailing market here in Austin Texas.

Both companies chose to leave town over what they called “onerous regulations” which included fingerprinting requirements but they could both come back soon if Governor Greg Abbott signs a new law which will effectively end the fingerprinting requirements.

Criminal Background Checks Are Still Required

Uber, Lyft, and other ride-hailing companies are still not off the hook, even if fingerprinting is no longer required to hire drivers because these companies will still have to conduct criminal background checks on prospective drivers before letting them…

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By The Kent Redding Group

AUSTIN, TX. – There’s no denying that if you have to regularly commute between Austin and other cities in the Lone Star State like Dallas, San Antonio, Waco and Houston that drive can easily grow old really quick.

Thankfully there’s a new service in “Uber-like” bus service in Texas called Shofur that will be your best alternative for commuting between cities and it’s probably the closest thing that you will get to having an airline experience while on the ground because you will be able to do things like select your seat in advance and also enjoy similar amenities including: Wi-Fi, reclining seats and power outlets.

12 Daily Routes in Texas

With Sofur you can eliminate having to fight the traffic on your commute…

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AUSTIN, TX. – There’s no denying that Uber and Lyft’s departure from Austin a few months ago left a major hole in the ride-hailing business here but with that hole also opened up tons of new opportunities for companies that might not have been able to compete against Uber including companies like iCars.

iCars is different from Uber because it’s a ride-hailing service that offers executive level service for people who are traveling here on business or for the individual who loves the finer things in life and wants a luxurious ride.

About iCars

Launched this year in San Francisco, CA, iCars is an innovative service that allows users to book immediate rides and future rides right from the comfort of their smart phone plus third parties can also…

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AUSTIN, TX. – There’s no denying the Uber and Lyft’s exit from Austin has left a HUGE hole in local ride sharing (ride hailing) market here thankfully, more options are becoming available to locals here seemingly by the day and what once was a very tight market is wide open to entrepreneurs who are eager to take advantage of an Austin Texas where the big names in ride hailing are no longer an option.


One of the newest ride hailing apps to launch in Austin is called Fare, this app is different than both Uber and Lyft because it allows riders to schedule a ride up in advance and right now the company is only launching their app through word of mouth and referral marketing so you literally have to know someone who will give you a referral code…

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