There's no doubt that it's been a cold, wet winter for Austin but what if you don't have a home with working heating to keep you warm on those cold winter days? That's exactly what happened to Louis Hicks, a 92 year old WWII Veteran who found himself having to use his stove to heat his home.

Still, living in a house built in the 1930's means sometimes things slip through the cracks. For Hicks that includes repairing walls, ceilings and floors.

After members of the community saw the story on FOX 7 Austin News, they realized they could help the veteran live more comfortably, they immediately started showing up for him. “We want to try to coordinate as much as we can getting the public's help, coming over giving back to a veteran,” said Jared…

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Valentines Day is almost here and if you haven't planned for this day yet, this article will provide you with destinations for where you can celebrate this day in the ATX area.


23526 TX-71, Spicewood, TX 78669

Celebrate a romantic Valentine's Day in THE Hill Country at renowned, relaxed fine dining restaurant, Apis. Those making reservations starting at 5 p.m. will feast on culinary creations of Chef Taylor Hall and his talented team in the form of a three-course prix fixe menu with optional snack starters such as Market Oysters and the famous Egg Toast. Appetizers include Truffle Pasta, Osetra Caviar and Dry aged Beef Tartare with multiple entrée options such as the Six-day Aged Rohan Duck and a Terrapurezza Red…

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Are you planning on selling your Austin Texas home but you’re concerned about its small closets?

The good news is that even though the closets in your home may be small you can make them look big by following these simple tips.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve been living in your home for one year, or 50 years, every Austin home has some clutter in the closets so the first thing you should do is work on decluttering on closet at a time. Create piles for things that you want to keep, donate and throw away then take action because the whole decluttering process won’t take as long as you think!


After decluttering your closet, the next thing that you want to do is grab a can of neutral paint and start painting the inside of…

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Searching for things to do in Austin Texas this weekend? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

There’s never a shortage of things to do in Austin, even during January! In this article, I will list for you several things to do in Austin this weekend.

Doom Forge Day at Jester King Brewery

12 to 10 p.m. Jan. 26. Free. 13187 Fitzhugh Rd. 

Celebrate the magic of metal music with Jester King. The farmhouse brewery has collaborated with Evil Twin Brewing to produce the Even More Metal, a bourbon barrel-aged farmhouse-style imperial stout with smoked Ugandan vanilla beans, and will release it in bottles. The day will also have a lineup of local doom metal bands, a live metal-working demonstration from Fearghal Blades and a beer foam mustache…

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Are you planning for the concerts that you want to see in 2019? If so, you don’t want to miss Carlos Santana, he’s going to be performing in Austin Texas on July 9th.

The music icon will be performing at the Circuit of the Americas on July 9th. Tickets go on sale on January 25th and will be sure to go fast since his stop in Austin will be part of a three-month tour which commemorates the 20th anniversary of his Supernatural Album and the 50th anniversary of his performance at Woodstock.

An Ageless Rock Music Icon

Now 71, Carlos Santana doesn’t show any sign of slowing down with age and that’s a good thing because he joins other musicians from his generation who continue performing well into their seventies when that was once considered the…

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There’s no doubt that the Austin Texas real estate market has changed in the last 12 months and it’s gone from being a long-time sellers-market to a buyers market.

Regardless of the classification of this real estate market, the reality is that if you have to get your home sold your goal is to make it stand out from other ATX homes for sale and you can accomplish this goal by doing the following.

Tip #1 – De-Personalize Your Home

One of the very best things you can do to sell your Austin Texas Home is to remove all personalization from your house including wallpaper, family photos, artwork, and finishing touches that show you’ve left your personal stamp on the home over the years.

Tip #2 – Re-Paint Your Home

Another great thing you…

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Are you planning on buying or selling an Austin Texas home? If so, there's no doubt that hiring a Realtor(R) is one of the smartest things you can do because, an agent will bring a lot of value to your real estate transaction.

Some of the many skills that you can count on when hiring a real estate agent include:

* Local market knowledge - We can tell you immediately what's happening in the local real estate market including if certain neighborhoods are up or down in price.

* Education - Realtors(R) are educated in the field of real estate. This means that you can count on your agent to help you make the best decisions when buying or selling a home because their education will provide you with the experience that you need to have a successful…

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Are you planning on visiting Austin Texas in the coming months? Besides being the "music capital" of the world, Austin is also a great place to have fun and enjoy an awesome meal with your family / friends.

In this video you will learn more about the best things to do and fun places to eat when you visit the ATX area.

Search For A Home In Austin Texas

Planning on searching for a home in the Austin Texas area? Contact the Kent Redding Group today by calling us at (512) 306-1001 or click here to connect with us online.



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Planning on buying a home in Austin Texas? If so, make sure that you don't make the following costly home buying mistakes.

Trуіng to tіmе the hоuѕіng mаrkеt

It’ѕ fооlіѕh tо trу tо tіmе thе stock mаrkеt аnd thе ѕаmе gоеѕ fоr thе hоuѕіng market. Home prices mау ѕееm hіgh nоw, but іn a couple of уеаrѕ уоu may lооk bасk оn thеm аnd thіnk how cheap things were. “There wіll nеvеr be аn іdеаl tіmе to buy a home аnd trуіng tо time іt саn lеаvе уоu mіѕѕіng оut,” says Adаm Bеаtу, a сеrtіfіеd fіnаnсіаl planner wіth Bullоgіс Wеаlth Management. If уоu can find a hоmе іn your рrісе range that уоu аrе happy wіth thеn move on it. If you саnnоt, then wаіt until рrісеѕ come down оr уоu ѕаvе up mоrе mоnеу. That ѕаіd, thе hіѕtоrісаllу lоw іntеrеѕt rаtеѕ оn…

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Thеrе’ѕ nо dоubt аbоut іt: thе 2018 hоuѕіng market hаѕ ѕееn іtѕ uрѕ аnd dоwnѕ.

Thе year ѕtаrtеd wіth sky-high hоmе рrісеѕ, hіѕtоrісаllу low mоrtgаgе rates аnd a dеfіnіtіvе uрреr hаnd for ѕеllеrѕ. In rесеnt mоnthѕ thоugh, hоmе рrісе grоwth hаѕ fаltеrеd, rаtеѕ hаvе rіѕеn tо thеіr highest роіnt in nеаrlу eight years, аnd fаvоr hаѕ ѕtаrtеd tо ѕhіft frоm ѕеllеr tо buуеr.

Wіll these trends соntіnuе? Wіll housing experience the ѕаmе wild rіdе in thе nеw уеаr? Hеrе’ѕ whаt еxреrtѕ predict will hарреn in 2019 real estate mаrkеt:

Mоrtgаgе rаtеѕ will соntіnuе rising.

“Despite ѕtеаdу сlіmbіng for thе past two уеаrѕ, mоrtgаgе rаtеѕ rеmаіn lоwеr thаn thеу wеrе durіng most оf thе rесеѕѕіоn аnd below аvеrаgе fоr the tуре оf ѕtrоng есоnоmіс grоwth…

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