Yes, there are many benefits which come from owning an Austin Texas home like the freedom of being able to make decisions about your home without having to call a landlord but what about the tax benefits of owning a home, do you actually know them all?

In this article, we will provide you with the tax benefits that from owning a home just so you will be aware of the many tax advantages that are available to you once you decide to invest in Austin Texas Real Estate.

Tax Advantage #1 – Write Off Your Mortgage Interest

The first tax advantage that comes with owning an Austin Texas home is that you get to write off your mortgage interest over the course of one year.

Tax Advantage #2 – Write Off Your Property Taxes

Another huge tax advantage…

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Searching for the perfect Austin Texas Home? If so, 1581 Grassy Field Road has everything that you’re searching for in a home and so much more!

About 1581 Grassy Field Road

Built in 2009, 1581 Grassy Field Road offers you an excellent all brick exterior, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, open concept floor plan, 3,361 square feet of space and many wonderful features and amenities like excellent landscaping, a three-car garage, game room, fireplace, central heating / air, 3 covered porches and an updated kitchen featuring new appliances, granite counter tops and breakfast bar.

The rooms inside this home are spacious and there’s plenty of room to grow, especially for families with small children, and besides offering you…

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AUSTIN, TX. – Thanks to recent data from and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, we know that Austin Texas continues to be one of the best destinations in the United States for job seekers and the jobs that are available right now will be appealing to recent graduates and workers from all age groups.

In this article, we will share with you which industries are currently hiring in Austin Texas so you will know what to expect if you plan on submitting your resume locally.

Medical Field

In the medical field, there are a wide variety of jobs available right now across Austin Texas including medical assistants, receptionists, medical transport, medical sales and administrative.


Are you…

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Have you been searching for a home in the Austin Texas Real Estate market? If so, don’t miss 452 Falcon Lane. This home is located in Leander Texas and is just 36 minutes from downtown Austin and everything that you love about the area including good schools like Jim Plain Elementary, Wiley Middle School, and Rouse High School plus there are also tons of great restaurants and shopping destinations in the area as well.

About 452 Falcon Lane

Built in 2006, this 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, single level floorplan home offers you 2,105 square feet of space, an open concept floor plan, spacious kitchen with double oven, fireplace, 2 car garage, UV air cleaner…

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AUSTIN, TX. – This week Travis County Commissioners approved the plans for Thomas Ranch, a development which will bring a combination of over 3,300 homes, apartments, townhomes and businesses to the Austin / Western Travis County area, and also select portion of eastern Burnet County as well.

Bringing Jobs, Homes and More Opportunity to Central Texas

Thomas Ranch will be a master planned development encompassing a residential hotel, marketplace with shops, entertainment venues and many more amenities which are projected to bring more residents and revenue to the Austin area.

Since construction is going to last for 20 years, Thomas Ranch will certainly be a “game changer” for Central Texas because it’s going to be…

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AUSTIN, TEXAS – Are you searching for a better way to work out? If so, you may want to try F45 Training when it arrives in Austin Texas.

What Is F45 Training?

F45 Training has been well-known in the workout world for some time thanks to people like Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and Terrell Owens who all swear by F45 Training, and it’s easy to see the results that they’ve received with F45 training as each celebrity has been able to remain at the top of their respective professions, at ages where many other celebs have since faded from the spotlight.

Coming Soon To Austin Texas

Unlike some workouts that only work a few core muscles in your body at a time, F45 training promises to work for every major muscle group in your body during each…

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AUSTIN, TX. – Over the years, one of the most common questions that home buyers have is how do I budget to buy an Austin Texas House? This is an excellent question to have because, you should understand your budget now so that you will make the right offer and ultimately purchase a home that you can afford.

In this article, we will provide you with tips you can use to get started with budgeting even if you’ve never created a budget before in the past.

How to Get Started with Budgeting

Budgeting is important because you have to know how much money you will feel comfortable paying for your principal, interest, taxes and or association dues on a monthly basis.

To get started with budgeting you should first write down what your total debt…

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AUSTIN, TX. – Over the last 12 months, the Austin Texas Real Estate market has been very competitive and difficult for some people to purchase homes.

With inventory tight, it’s not uncommon for a buyer to miss the opportunity to submit an offer on a home because once they are ready to submit the offer, they learn that the home has already been sold to someone else, thankfully, home buyers can give themselves an advantage submitting backup offers.

Backup Offer Explained

The home is already under contract with Buyer 1, but Buyer 2 submits a contract to the seller, and the seller can add a backup addendum.  When the seller signs the backup contract, it means that if Buyer 1 should cancel their contract for any reason, Buyer 2 is automatically…

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February 9th, 2017 is National Pizza Day and in honor of this special day here are the best places to order pizza in Austin Texas.

Best Places To Order Pizza In Austin Texas

1. Home Slice

(1415 S. Congress Ave. 512-444-7437,

For all its seeming simplicity, making excellent pizza on a consistent basis is tough work. Bad pizza is easy. Nobody wants bad pizza.

I asked Home Slice co-owner Jen Strickland what the key is too great pizza.

“The most important aspect of getting a pizza right is a balance: not too many toppings, just the right amount of cheese, balanced with the perfect cook,” Strickland said. “A pizza can be ruined by too many wet toppings, too much sauce, not enough cheese,…

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AUSTIN, TX. – This week, another unique attraction was added to the Austin landscape; a Carvana used car vending machine.

Located at 6014 S. I–35 near Stassney Lane in Austin, the Carvana used car vending machine will offer consumers a unique way to have used cars delivered to them after they purchase them.

The “vending machine” is, in reality, a five-story building with multiple bays for storing cars; once a consumer puts a coin into the “machine”, their choice will be delivered to them in much the fashion as a traditional vending machine.

About Carvana

The machines are a visible brick-and-mortar extension to a much broader online business. Carvana customers don't have to pick up their new purchases at the…

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