AUSTIN, TX – There’s no denying that Austin Texas is one of the top music samples in the world and every year people come here to be a part of the wonderful music scene, including to experience annual events like: South-By-Southwest (SXSW), but besides music thousands of people come to Austin on a regular basis to experience the local art scene and check out attractions like the Baylor Street Art Wall.

About The Baylor Street Art Wall

The Baylor Street Art Wall did not originally started out as an art wall, or attraction, it started out as a condominium construction project that was quickly abandoned, and over the years instead of being torn down, the condo became a mecca for teens to hang out and also for street artists to paint.

Through the years teens stopped partying at the Baylor Street development but the artists continued their work forming a collective project that soon became known as the Baylor Street Art Wall.

No Longer a “Free For All”

When it originally started the Baylor Street Art Wall was known as a free-for-all, meaning that any artist in the Austin area, or from across the country can paint there but, since 2011, the collective project is now governed by local non-profit group HOPE Events.

Some big names in our world helped turn around what once was a ragtag collection murals, into an art destination that supported from artists all over the world including Shepherd Fairey, a well-known muralist from Los Angeles, who created the classic OBEY stickers back in the 1990’s.

Today the Baylor Street Art Wall has thankfully been preserved and is now classified as an outdoor gallery were artists from across country can come to paint after they show proof of ID and talk with the gallery about their design concept that the intended the wall.

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