So you’re planning on moving out of your Austin Texas Home before you sell it, and although moving out of a home before you sell it may have been something that worked for you in the past the reality is that you should always leave some furniture in your home, or at the very least stage your home with rented furniture, because empty Austin Texas homes don’t sell easily.

If you’re on the fence about moving out before selling your home here are 10 reasons why empty homes don’t always sell as easily as some Realtors® might claim:

#1 – Empty homes lack a true emotional connection, and some buyers may be unable to envision themselves living there.

#2 – Empty homes don’t show buyers how they can best utilize the space.

#3 – Empty homes don’t get buyers dreaming about parties, family events, birthdays and other fun things they will do in the home after they purchase it.

#4 – Empty homes highlight the negatives, since the only thing the buyer sees is an empty home.

#5 – Empty homes just look vacant instead of like an actual home that they could see themselves, or their family living in.

#6 – Empty are difficult to separate from other homes for sale in the same neighborhood since there aren’t any points of reference for buyers to feel connected with the home.

#7 – Empty homes attract fewer buyers and less interest online because they show poorly due to a lack of furniture or items to make the home lived in.

#8 – Empty homes project the image that the owner is desperate and has to sell their home quickly since they already bought another home and had to move into it.

#9 – Empty homes have no “flow” or point of reference for how space will be used.

#10 – Empty homes keep the buyer thinking about how big or small the house is, rather than how they could best use the space.


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