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AUSTIN, TX – In 2017 most homeowners in the United States, especially in Austin Texas, know the value of solar panels since it makes sense to invest in solar panels if you own a home in a part of the United States that enjoys the sunshine for a large portion of the year.

Even though solar panels are a smart investment for a homeowner the BIG question is do solar panels affect a home’s value? The answer to this question depends on who you ask.

Buying Vs. Leasing Solar Panels

Yes, solar panels can ultimately help an Austin Texas Homeowner lower their monthly electric bills but the one thing that will factor into if those solar panels affect the value of a home is if the solar panels are bought or leased.

With the average solar panel system can cost up to $35,000 it’s likely that most homeowners these days will choose to lease their solar panels instead of buy, but a leased system may affect the value of a home and make it more difficult to sell because some buyers may not want to be faced with responsibility of paying for a leased system when they purchase a home.

Buying solar panels is certainly a smart idea but when it comes time to sell the home, the age of the system could be something that holds back some buyers from submitting offers because most buyers don’t like the idea of purchasing a home with older appliances or systems because they will have to be replaced.

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