Have you thought about buying some more plants for your house but you're concerned that with your previous track record of in-home gardening you may be considered to be someone has a “black thumb” instead of a “green thumb”?

The good news is that there are a wide variety of plants that thrive in low light conditions. This means that you can satisfy your desire to be an in-home gardener without having to be concerned if your new plants are going to go the way of your old plants.

 In this article will list for you some plants that you should consider for your home which thrive in low light conditions.

Snake Plant

The first plant to consider for your home is the snake plant because it’s a plant that thrives in low light conditions and requires very little maintenance.

Snake plants often grow to be about 3 feet high and will match the decor of any room that it's placed in but what's best of all about this plant is that it's also a natural air purifier.

Cast Iron Plant

Another great choice for a home that does not get a lot of light during the day is the cast iron plant. This plant is super easy to grow in any indoor area but they are especially beneficial for bedrooms because they produce their oxygen at night.

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants are different than cast iron plants and snake plants because they have brighter, shinier leaves that often will brighten up a room regardless of how much light that room gets during the day.

What's even better about the ZZ plant is that it requires even less water than the plants mentioned above and it requires very little light, but a word of warning though,  the leaves of this plant are toxic so it would not do well in a home with pets or small children so use caution if you choose to place this plant in your home.

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