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AUSTIN, TX. - Planning on selling your Austin Texas home?  If so, the following tips will help to make your home to stand out from the competition and also make it irresistible to some home buyers.

Tip #1 - Change Your old power outlets to USB power outlets

This is important especially if you have an older home because in this day and age just about everyone uses a wireless device or a mobile phone that needs to be plugged in somewhere.

Sadly, most homes only have about two to four electrical outlets per room and after plugging in lamps, TV’s, Blue Ray players and other devices there’s not many outlets left for plugging in a smartphone or tablet.

You can make your house stand out from the competition by adding USB outlets to the rooms of your home since this will give home buyers more options for charging their devices in each room and give your home a “modern edge” over other homes for sale in the neighborhood.

Tip #2 - Get rid of your popcorn ceiling

Although most homeowners these days have gotten rid of acoustic or “popcorn ceilings”, the reality is that this design trend from the 1980’s still exists in many older model homes. If your house still has one or more popcorn ceilings you should spend a weekend removing this relic from the days of Miami Vice since this will also help give your home a young, fresh feeling inside.

Tip #3 - Remove half walls and exposed posts

Does your home have a half wall or an exposed post? If so, these design features should also be removed from your house immediately because, not only do half walls and exposed posts take up valuable square feet in a home, they also are tacky design elements that most home buyers will have removed anyway if they decide to remodel a home after moving in.

Tip #4 - Clean the carpets and floors in your home

Another great tip to follow before selling your Austin Texas Home is to clean the carpets and floors in your house.  This is important because anytime someone walks into a dirty home they automatically will wonder what else is wrong with that house so spending the time and money to get this job done will also help to put a home buyers mind at ease and make it easier for your house sell.

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