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The Austin Texas Real Estate market is one of the most competitive places to buy a home in the United States right now but you can give yourself the advantage over other home buyers by doing one simple thing, writing a letter to the seller.

Why You Should Write a Letter to The Seller

In a Real Estate market where there’s a lot of competition, writing a letter to the seller is a smart thing to do because it sets you apart from other buyers who haven’t taken the time to write letters, and it’s also a very intimate thing to do because it helps the seller to see you as a real person and not just another buyer.

Advantages of Writing a Letter to The Seller

Besides giving you the opportunity to win over the seller with personalization, a letter to the seller is a smart choice because it can also give the seller peace of mind in knowing that they will be selling their home to someone who will love their house just as much as they have.

The seller can also have peace of mind in knowing that they will be selling their house to someone who will also make a great neighbor to other homeowners in the neighborhood they have come to know and build relationships with during their time living in the home.

Keys to Writing a Great Letter

If you plan on sitting down at your computer to write a letter to the seller some of the keys to success with writing a great letter to the seller include the following points:

  1.      Tell a story – Talk about your spouse, family, and why the home you want to buy would be the perfect fit for you.
  2.      Talk about why you love the home – Are there certain architectural features that the home offers, amenities in the community or other aspects of the home that you love? If so, talk about those things in your letter.
  3.      Find a shared passion – During your tour of the home you should look for something that connects you to the seller like children, a shared love of the outdoors, sports, travel etc.
  4.      Keep it short but positive – Last of all, you should keep your letter short but positive at the same time because you want to convey your story without boring the seller with the details of your long house hunt.

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