Are you finally ready to invest in your first home? Ditching the landlord can be a bit of a relief and focusing on your first major living investment is an exciting time for anyone. Generally, first time home owners will focus their search on starter homes, which is generally a smaller, economical house targeted for younger couples or families. However, although typically smaller, anyone that has lived under a roof understands the importance of space, making home size a top priority for most buyers.  How can you find the most spacious starter home? Attention first time buyers: it is safe to say that buying a home in Austin could be your best bet.


Comparing Austin Starter Homes

According to Trulia’s recent report, Austin ranks as the number one metro in the country with the largest starter home size- an average of 1429 square feet. Nationwide, the median square foot space of an Austin starter home clearly surpasses the rest. Followed by Austin, Atlanta’s starter homes have a median size of 1344 square feet. Comparing that to other metropolitan areas in Texas, Dallas starter homes have a median size of 1269 square feet. If you are considering living in Houston, an average starter home’s median is slightly larger at 1320 square feet.

 Focusing on Your Future Home

While most first time home owners are mainly concerned with the present purchase, it is important to consider your future living situation, as well. For most, a starter home is temporary- simply a place to kick start your life. Why do most people feel the need to upgrade? Space. A typical home trajectory path for most is the transition from a starter to a trade up home with more room, and lucky enough, Austin also ranks top five largest metros with the most space. The Houston Metro has the largest trade up houses, with a median space of 1997 square feet. Although outside of Texas, an owner can live in Colorado Springs with a median size of 1908 square feet and following close behind is the Dallas metro area, with home sizes at 1900 square feet. Austin’s trade up home sizes fall to fourth, with a median house size of 1893 square feet. While slightly smaller than the Dallas and Houston area, you can expect to see a space gain of 464 square feet if you decide to stay within Austin.

 Finally, families will generally look to upgrade their trade up home for a premium home and both Houston and Dallas metros guarantee the most space for a homebuyer. In Dallas, premium home sizes are generally 2945 square feet while Houston’s median premium homes are 2869 square feet. Below, you can compare metros with the largest median home size by all of the home buying segments.

US Metros With The Largest Median Home Size, by Homebuying Segment

Metro with Largest Starter Homes

Median Sq. Ft.

Metro with the largest Trade-Up Homes

Median Sq. Ft.

Metro with the Largest Premium Homes

Median Sq. Ft.

Austin, TX


Houston, TX


Colorado Springs, CO


Atlanta, GA


Colorado Springs, CO


Dallas, TX


Newark, NJ


Dallas, TX


Fairfield County, CT


Montgomery-Bucks-Chester-Counties, PA


Austin, TX


Houston, TX


Houston, TX


Raleigh, NC


Montgomery-Bucks-Chester-Counties, PA


 It’s evident that home buyers look to maximize their living space as they transition from one living situation to the next, and the Lone Star State appears to be a top spot when it comes to spacious homes across the country. Based on the sizes analyzed, a family reaps major benefits from settling down in Austin, so don’t wait and come explore what Austin has to offer. 

Katie Bassett, Trulia

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