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February 9th, 2017 is National Pizza Day and in honor of this special day here are the best places to order pizza in Austin Texas.

Best Places To Order Pizza In Austin Texas

1. Home Slice

(1415 S. Congress Ave. 512-444-7437,

For all its seeming simplicity, making excellent pizza on a consistent basis is tough work. Bad pizza is easy. Nobody wants bad pizza.

I asked Home Slice co-owner Jen Strickland what the key is too great pizza.

“The most important aspect of getting a pizza right is a balance: not too many toppings, just the right amount of cheese, balanced with the perfect cook,” Strickland said. “A pizza can be ruined by too many wet toppings, too much sauce, not enough cheese, not spinning the pie to cook evenly, and pulling it out of the oven too early or too late … balance.”

The story: Jen and her husband, Joseph Strickland, opened Home Slice on a still-emerging South Congress in November 2005 with Jen Strickland’s New York University roommate, Terri Hannifin. The owners take their employees on annual pilgrimages to New York to tour and study the greats.

The pie: Classic New York. Firm and tawny with a crunchy edge. Perfect for folding. Aged provolone lends a sharp bite to the cheese mix.

With meat: A creation of my own: The salty tang of pepperoni with the vibrant snap of green peppers is a classic that reminds me of childhood.

Vegetarian: The #4: The verdant iron brace of spinach, topped with the briny expressiveness of green olives and sweetness of roasted red pepper and onions.

Passing on pizza? Try … One of the best Italian grinders in the city: ham, dry salami, capicola, Genoa salami and provolone cheese stuffed in a toasted sesame seed roll and dressed with lettuce, tomato, oil, vinegar, and mayonnaise. Yes, mayonnaise. Trust.

2. Bufalina

(1519 East Cesar Chavez St. 512-524-2523,

The story: University of Texas graduate Steven Dilley left the corporate world in New York City and spent time training in Italy before opening his sparse but attractive restaurant in the summer of 2013.

The pie: Neapolitan with a bubbled crust and supple throughout.

With meat: The Fresca might be the lightest porky pizza you’ll ever try. Velvety ribbons of prosciutto Picante are draped across the pie when it comes from the oven. A tangle of bitter arugula and slabs of Parmesan are piled high on top, then drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil. Maybe the single best pizza in town.

Vegetarian: Simplicity at its finest. The acidic zip of tomatoes is mellowed by basil’s herbal breeze and amorphous pools of creamy mozzarella.

Passing on pizza? Try … Art and architecture meet in a layered bibb salad dressed in mustard vinaigrette and decorated with radishes.

3. Via 313

(111 E. Sixth St. 512-939-1927; 61 Rainey St. 512-609-9405;

The story: Brothers Zane and Brandon Hunt brought a taste of the Motor City to East Austin when they opened their first pizza trailer outside the Violet Crown Social Club in December 2011. They now have a second trailer at beer-haven Craft Pride and will open a brick-and-mortar in Oak Hill later this year.

The pie: Detroit Style. That means thick, fluffy, buttery squares blanketed edge-to-edge with cheese and a volcanic splash of bright tomato sauce.

With meat: The Detroiter: Curled cups of traditional and smoked pepperoni hide under a blend of cheeses.

Vegetarian: Herbivore is emboldened with earthy crimini mushrooms and punched with the salt-and-sour flavors of black olives. The crunch of green peppers adds dimension to the pizza’s soft texture.

Passing on pizza? Try … Getting a drink at one of the adjacent bars. These guys stick to pizza.

4. Second Bar + Kitchen

(200 Congress Ave. 512-827-2750,

The story: The airy bistro with the patio made for Second Street District people-watching opened as part of a triumvirate of spaces from elite chef David Bull and his team in 2010.

The pie: Bull’s Italian roots are on display with his pasta dishes at neighboring Congress and his exceptional pizzas at the more casual Second Bar + Kitchen. Puffed, mottled edges descend gradually into a soft center.

With meat: The Black and Bleu is served at both Second and Bar Congress. Thankfully. It is one of the city’s best — an umami blast of decadence, with black truffle, blue cheese, crisp pork belly confit and candy-like medjool dates all finding perfect harmony.

Vegetarian: Pizza bianco: Creamy ricotta, grana padano and the subtle citrus of goat cheese form the base of this white pizza topped with a flurry of peppery wild arugula.

Passing on pizza? Try … Seared salmon given a Thai accent from pork belly fried rice, nam pla and refreshing mint. If you want to be “bad” (whatever that means), get the fried pickles tossed in Buffalo sauce and served with blue cheese sauce.

5. Little Deli

(7101 Woodrow Ave. 512-467-7402,

The story: Tony Villani bought this, well, little deli in 2006 and rolled out pizza inspired by his native New Jersey in 2008.

The pie: These New Jersey pies have a slightly puffier edge than a New York style, and the red sauce whispers sweetness through a cheese mix that includes mozzarella and provolone piccante.

With meat: The meat combo loads coarse homemade meatballs, savory sausage and pepperoni on a cheesy pie that oils at the surface. They sell slices here, but nothing beats a whole fresh pie straight out of the oven. The #7, with garlic and pepperoni, is also a winner.

Vegetarian: Roasted eggplant, dusted with pecorino Romano, gives depth to the Rollatini that is pierced with fierce garlic and cooled with creamy dollops of ricotta.

Passing on pizza? Try … Harry’s Perfect Pastrami: a half-pound of pastrami the size of a softball served on grilled rye and slathered with Thousand Island dressing. If the lunch rush has died, maybe you can take a nap on one of the picnic tables.

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