If you’re thinking about selling your Austin Texas Home now is the right time to sell thanks to the huge demand for Real Estate across Austin, combined with historically low mortgage interest rates but, before you list your home make sure that you don’t do the 7 things mentioned on this list because you could inadvertently make your home stay on the market for longer than you expected.

#1 – Don’t Show Your Daily Life

Although this might be hard to do when you’re selling your home, you should make every effort to not make signs of your daily life visible to buyers when they arrive. This can be done by investing in storage baskets so you can quickly pick up laundry, children’s toys, and other things that might be lying around so that when a buyer arrives so they will only see a clean house.

#2 – Don’t Forget About Those “Red Flags” In Your Home

Does your bathroom have a leaky faucet? Or does some other area of your home need to be repaired but you didn’t get around to fixing it? If so, you should make the effort to have all of these “red flags” fixed in your home before listing it because these will only be warning signs to a home buyer, and could cause them to submit an offer on your home that’s lower than what it’s worth.

#3 – Don’t Be Negative About Your Home

When speaking about your home to your agent, or possibly a buyer’s agent, one thing you never want to do is be negative about your home because, this could be a good reason for the buyer to submit a low because, they think there’s work to be done after they purchase it.

#4 – Don’t Present Your Austin Texas Home Poorly

Remember that as a seller your job is to present your Austin Texas home in the best possible way that you can and two excellent ways to do this are to 1. De-clutter the inside of your home and 2. Stage your home to sell.

#5 – Don’t Leave the Carpet in the Bathroom

Yes, you may love the feel of carpet on your bare feet in your bathroom when you wake up in the morning but most home buyers hate the thought of carpet in a bathroom because it can hold tons of germs.

If you have carpet in your bathroom you should remove it before listing your home and replace the carpeting with vinyl, tile or wood flooring.

#6 – Don’t Over Personalize Your House

Another important thing you don’t want to do is to over-personalize your house because too much personalization can distract a buyer because they will see YOU in the home, rather dreaming about what it would be like for THEM to live there.

#7 – Don’t Block Out the Light

Last of all, but most important, don’t block out the light in your home, instead you should make every effort to let the light shine in all rooms of your home, and you should also consider leaving the lights on all day so that when buyers arrive they will find a well-lit home that highlights all of the features that your house can offer them.

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