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AUSTIN, TX. – Planning on selling your Austin Texas home next year? If so, there are 5 things you should avoid doing during the holiday season if you’re serious about selling your house.

#1 - Don’t Let Your Decorations Damage Your House

Although your family is excited about celebrating the holidays you shouldn’t let those holiday decorations damage your home because damage like holes in the walls or water spilled on the floor from your Christmas tree could cost you money in repair bills later.

#2 – Avoid Major Purchases

Were you planning on buying or leasing a new Lexus or RV during the holidays? If so, you should be making major purchases (at least for now) because those purchases may increase your debt-to-income ratio and make it harder for you to qualify for a mortgage loan with an affordable interest rate.

#3 – Limit the Clutter in Your Home

Yes, you may be excited about buying your family those gifts they’ve been wanting but if any of those gifts are big, you may be adding clutter to your home which could make your house look smaller than it is.

#4 – Avoid Buying Appliances or Furniture That May Not Fit in Your Next House

Another important thing to avoid doing during the holidays is buying appliances or furniture that may not fit in your next home.

You should also avoid making these types of purchases now because items like newer appliances or furniture often end up going to the buyer anyway so it’s best to use wisdom and hold off on buying a new washer/dryer, grill or sectional sofa until after you’ve moved into your next home.

#5 – Hold Off on Buying a New Pet

There’s no doubt that pets are fun and they add a lot of joy to our lives but if your intent is to sell your home next year you should hold off on buying pets at least until you’ve moved into your new home.

Most pets will have to be trained so you don’t want to add the stress of training a new pet to your life along with the stress of cleaning up their messes while you sell your house.

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