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Who Is Dave Ramsey?

 Dave has been helping folks get out of debt for years. He is a finance personality with a background in Real Estate and a faith based believer. He & his team have helped millions of Americans nationwide through bestselling books, sold-out events and unique platforms.

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The ELP Program is a nationwide service that connects buyers & sellers with the top 10% of real estate agents in their area for help with home buying, selling, or both.

What does it mean to be a Dave ELP?

As a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider, we are held to the highest standards of service. We have a heart of a teacher, and not as a salesmen, and strive to educate all of our clients.

Dave’s team does thorough research to find the best providers in each area. Only the top 5% of real estate agents are even considered for the program. ELP’s receive personalized coaching and accountability from the Dave Ramsey team. Dave Ramsey is a radio personality who helps people get out of debt. This helps set you up for success, so that you can purchase a home the right way.

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Why Sell with an ELP?

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