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AUSTIN, TX. – Thanks to affordable home prices, lower cost of living, and a huge pool of talented graduates, Austin has quickly earned the nickname “Silicon Hills” over the last two years as more companies have relocated here or started Austin Texas AI Start-Ups.

Although the world is excited to have more devices with AI thanks to AI’s like Suri, Cortana and Alexa, very few people actually know what the real meaning of AI is since when we think of artificial intelligence images often come to mind of the computer HAL 9000 from the hit movie 2001 Space Odyssey or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic terminator.

Yes, the term “artificial intelligence” is hard to define but what we do know is that many websites, including Wikipedia, define artificial intelligence (AI) as when a machine can mimic certain cognitive functions such as learning or problem solving and using that learning to complete tasks such as controlling the systems in a home, driving a car, playing games and so much more.

Austin Texas AI Start-Ups

Austin has quietly become one of the major hubs in the world for AI start-ups as most companies are eager to incorporate AI into their products or devices to offer their customers more value and stay on top of their respective marketplaces.

Some of the companies who are actively working on AI in Austin include Zoozler Tech Lab, Cerebri AI, FairWords, KindHealth, Aurora, Simple [A] and NarrativeDx.

With devices like Alexa, it’s easy to see how AI can make life easier and with the various companies that are working on incorporating AI into more devices and technology that we use on a daily basis it’s exciting to think about how this technology will change the world for the better in the years to come.

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