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Are you planning on visiting Austin Texas in the coming months? Besides being the "music capital" of the world, Austin is also a great place to have fun and enjoy an awesome meal with your family / friends.

In this video you will learn more about the best things to do and fun places to eat when you visit the ATX area.

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By The Kent Redding Group

Are you searching for information on Austin Texas Restaurants? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

There’s no doubt that we have a lot of great restaurants to choose from in the Austin area that’s why in this article we will break down some of the very best local restaurants that you shouldn’t miss.

Best Restaurants In Austin

Franklin’s barbecue even though I’ve only been twice because of the line. I’d consider myself a pretty good barbecue aficionado, and I thought the hype would be too much, but it blew me away. You’ll always find people who’ve been waiting in camping chairs outside since 5 am. It’s part of the fun, but chilly in the winter, so they give people hot coffee or beers in the queues. It

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Besides being the “music capital of the world” Austin is also an excellent place to enjoy a great meal and there are a wide variety of excellent restaurants that you can enjoy a meal on a regular basis including the following NEW restaurants which are set to open in the coming weeks.


Location: 2115 South Lamar Boulevard, South Austin

Key Players: chef/owner Tyson Cole, pitmaster Aaron Franklin, chef James Dumapit, chef Jack Yoss, pitmaster Bram Tripp, Hai Hospitality

It’s finally here: Texas barbecue meets Asian-influenced smoked dishes from two of Austin’s best chefs, Tyson Cole and Aaron Franklin. The restaurant is a new approach for both Cole and Franklin: this is the former’s first foray into casual service (people will

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By The Kent Redding Group

February 9th, 2017 is National Pizza Day and in honor of this special day here are the best places to order pizza in Austin Texas.

Best Places To Order Pizza In Austin Texas

1. Home Slice

(1415 S. Congress Ave. 512-444-7437, homeslicepizza.com)

For all its seeming simplicity, making excellent pizza on a consistent basis is tough work. Bad pizza is easy. Nobody wants bad pizza.

I asked Home Slice co-owner Jen Strickland what the key is too great pizza.

“The most important aspect of getting a pizza right is a balance: not too many toppings, just the right amount of cheese, balanced with the perfect cook,” Strickland said. “A pizza can be ruined by too many wet toppings, too much sauce, not enough cheese,

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By The Kent Redding Group

“Where are the best Austin Texas Food Trucks?” This is a question that many people have on a regular basis when visiting Austin because we have “legendary” food trucks here that serve delicious tacos, grilled meats and so much more.

With the weather still warm enough to enjoy a meal outside, here is a list of the best Food Trucks In Austin Texas.

Austin Texas Food Trucks

Micklethwait Craft Meats

Located at 1309 Rosewood, right in the heart of East Austin is Micklethwait Craft Meats. They are most notable for their juicy brisket and wonderful smoked meats.

Hours – 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

La Barbecue

If you ask any local they will have at least one favorite barbecue restaurant in Austin and one of our

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By The Kent Redding Group

Thanksgiving in Austin is just a couple of days away now and even though some people enjoy preparing the meal the reality is that it’s a lot of work to get dinner ready, thankfully there’s going to be many restaurants open for Thanksgiving 2016 where you can go to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal with family and friends.

Where to Enjoy Thanksgiving in Austin

Trace Austin

Location - 2nd Street District, 200 Lavaca St, Austin, TX 78701

Located in the W Hotel in Downtown Austin Texas, Trace is a great place to go for Thanksgiving, especially if you’re on vacation in town because you don’t even have to leave the hotel to go to dinner.

Cost - $57 per person

Hours – Their Thanksgiving menu will be served from 11:00

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Austin Texas is without a doubt one of the top destinations in the United States for music, arts, food and lots of things to see and do.

If you’re coming to Austin but only have 8 hours to spend in the city this article will provide you with tips on where to go, eat and have fun in Austin if you have only a few hours to spend here.

Getting To Austin Texas

One of the great things about Austin Texas is that thanks to the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport you can fly into the city from any major airport in the United States and once you get here you can either rent a car, take a cab, Uber or rely on Austin’s Capital Metro to get anywhere you need to go in the area.

Best Brunch Spot in Austin

The first thing you need to do if you

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