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A spokesperson with the Austin Chamber of Commerce said Central Texas still has a big Amazon footprint.

"Amazon already calls the Austin area home. We have Amazon web services, Whole Foods and a fulfillment center in San Marcos, accounting for more than 7,000 jobs," Danielle Trevino said. "If Amazon chooses to bring more jobs to Central Texas that means more jobs for Central Texas families, more opportunities for these families to pay their bills, put food on their tables, provide for their families."

Amazon has not announced how many new jobs will come to Austin.

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Thanks to a recent article from CNBC we know that Texas is considered to be the top state for business even edging out Washington DC and that’s good news considering that Amazon has been looking for a new state for its next headquarters and Austin has been a top contender.

Why Texas?

Researchers scored each of the 50 states on 60 metrics, which were developed with help from business, policy, and government experts. Those metrics informed 10 categories, like workforce, business friendliness, cost of living, infrastructure, and access to capital. Texas’ booming economy, educated and productive workforce, and transportation infrastructure buoyed the Lone Star State to the top of the list.

The study relies on similar criteria to Amazon’s as

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By the Kent Redding Group

AUSTIN, TX. – Amazon has been in the news all year long with its recent acquisition of Whole Foods and it’s no surprise to anyone that the world’s leading e-commerce website is also branching out into physical storefronts by opening a brick and mortar location in Austin.

Coming Next Year

Publishers Weekly reports that the stores are scheduled to open next year and will be Amazon's first in the District of Columbia and in Texas.

The company previously announced plans to open two more stores in California, in addition to the San Diego and San Jose locations currently open. The two new California bookstores, in Los Angeles and Walnut Creek, are scheduled to open this year.

Amazon has been heavily

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